1st Alliance
1st Alliance is a group of people and organizations with varying degrees of education and experience who care about assisting first-responders in finding crisis-specific help by collecting data on suicide and traumatic-stress events to help save lives and improve the quality of life for first-responders. 

2-1-1 Help Services
2-1-1 is a nationwide telephone number that, where available, will connect callers to an operator who can provide a list of various types of community service and assistance programs, including: food, clothing, shelters, housing assistance, counseling, legal aid, victim advocacy, and much more.  Many law enforcement agencies now direct callers to dial 2-1-1 or visit the website for referral assistance for any of the above services.

911 Training Institute
911TI is a consulting firm committed to contributing unique mental health expertise to support the success and personal well-being of 911 telecommunicators through transformative continuing education experiences by designing and delivering curriculum on topics that require trustworthy expertise in mental health.

911 Wellness Foundation
911WF was a non-profit consortium of 911 stakeholders from all walks of life who worked to optimize the overall health, well-being, work performance, and quality of life for 911 telecommunicators through strategic, systematic long-term pursuit of research, education, policy development, and intervention. The non-profit organization dissolved in 2017 and no longer exists, but its website remains a great resource for public-safety dispatchers. 

After the Call
After the Call provides resources and information to all First-Responders regardless of their location, type of career, and whether they are volunteer, paid on-call, salary, or otherwise. The organization works to eliminate stigma through dissemination of information, appropriate resources, and to create an effective support system for those who respond.

Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials
APCO provides complete public-safety communications expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy, and outreach to benefit their members and the public by empowering and educating public safety communications professionals.

Behind the Shield Podcast
A podcast and blog featuring interviews with first-responders and military personnel who discuss wellness programs and techniques they use to optimize a healthy lifestyle in such high-stress careers.

California Peace Officer Standards and Training
The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training provides training to law enforcement professionals throughout the state and provides valuable information to interested candidates who are applying for a job with a local or state agency.  Learn about current training techniques, hot topics for debate in the law enforcement community, and an up-to-date list of agencies in the state that are hiring for various positions.

Code 4 Northwest
Code 4 Northwest is an entirely volunteer-run, free and confidential crisis response and referral network for Washington State active and retired first responders, EMS, corrections, civilian support personnel, and their families.

Code 9 Project
Code 9 Project is a non-profit organization that provides education, support and viable self-help tools to all public civil servants and their families for the purpose of managing, reducing and eventually eliminating the compressive stress effects, such as post-traumatic stress and suicide.

Code Green Campaign
The Code Green Campaign brings awareness to the high rates of mental health issues in first-responders and reduce those issues; to eliminate the stigma that prevents people from admitting these issues and asking for help; to educate first-responders on self and peer care and to lobby for systemic change in how mental health issues are addressed by first-responder agencies.

Coherence Associates, Inc.
Coherence Associates, Inc. is known for providing compassionate, efficient, and professional care for first-responders in a safe environment specializing in areas of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, addiction, PTSD, childhood stress, ADD, and relationship issues.

The Counseling Team International
The Counseling Team International (TCTI) provides employee support services to law enforcement, fire, emergency services and governmental agencies in California and Nationwide. Dedicated to serve those who serve.

Crime Stoppers
Crime Stoppers encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement: fear and apathy.  Report crime tips and leads on wanted persons or crime occurring in your area anonymously.

Dispatch Monkey
Dispatch Monkey supports first-responder mental health by bringing humor to the world of emergency dispatch from the eyes of a veteran dispatcher, as well as dispelling the myths and misconceptions about the job and the awesome people who do it.

EMDR International Association
The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) International Association is a non-profit professional association which promotes training, education and research in EMDR.  EMDR is the recommended form of therapeutic treatment for first-responders suffering from chronic and acute stress resulting from exposure to traumatic incidents.

Firefighter Functional Fitness
Firefighter Functional Fitness is a best-selling book in the fire services community. Authors Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss discuss a personal approach to fitness, taking a multi-faceted approach to improving health and wellness… things that easily apply to ALL first-responders, not just firefighters. Contact them for keynote speaking, conference presentations, and consultation for your agency. 

The Healthy Dispatcher
The Healthy Dispatcher is a private training company founded by Adam Timm, a best-selling author and retired dispatcher from the Los Angeles Police Department. His training classes are interactive, experiential, and fun, with focused learning activities, music and deep-dive exercises that engage learners at a level that matters to them. 

Humanizing the Badge
Humanizing the Badge is a group of creatives working to participate in the growing voice of support for law enforcement officers around the world. Using their talents in writing, speaking and production their staff is relentlessly committed to bringing more than just awareness to the current issues facing police officers but in actual solutions and assistance, particularly in dedicating a significant portion of our energy and resources to causes in which they believe.

Institute for Responder Wellness
The Institute for Responder Wellness is a resource that provides mental and physical health solutions to first-responders, their families, retirees, and providers. They offer training and education to first-responders nationwide. They have created and partnered with health programs that provide more in-depth assessments of mental and physical well-being for first-responders that will enable them to perform their duties to the best of their ability on the job and at home.

International Academies of Emergency Dispatch
IAED is a non-profit standard-setting organization promoting safe and effective emergency dispatch services world-wide. Comprised of three allied Academies for medical, fire and police dispatching, the IAED supports first-responder related research, unified protocol application, legislation for emergency call center regulation, and strengthening the emergency dispatch community through education, certification, and accreditation.

Involution Inc.
Involution Inc. is a consulting company that takes an interdisciplinary approach to professional continuing education and learning programs about various topics including: emotions, trauma, non-verbal communication, facial expression recognition, resiliency, stress management, and motivational interviewing.

Kim Turner, LLC
Kim Turner, LLC, is a private firm that provides immersive and relevant training for the next generation of 911 professionals and public-safety professionals. Their instructors are current public-safety industry leaders who will challenge your critical thinking skills in a respectful and rewarding way to create rich learning environments where students thrive by positively participating in the journey to seek understanding, growth, and professional development. 

Law Enforcement Today
A leading law enforcement community created by law enforcement officials that provides breaking news on current events that impact the world of public-safety.

Lead the Way Home Savings Program
Lead the Way is designed to give back to the people in our communities that are providing leadership through their service to others.  To qualify, you only need to have served in any of the follow careers (past/present), or working on a degree towards these careers in the future: Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, Teacher, Medical Professionals, Ministry, Supporting Personnel, or Administration for any of these categories.

National Emergency Number Association
NENA serves the public safety community as the only professional organization solely focused on 9-1-1 policy, technology, operations, and education issues.  NENA promotes the implementation and awareness of 9-1-1 and international three-digit emergency communications systems.

National Police Wives Association
NPWA is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting law enforcement spouses and families and providing resources to those new to the law enforcement community.  They are dedicated to providing support, resources, and friendship to the people supporting law enforcement officers every day.  They are dedicated to helping people face the daily struggles of being in a law enforcement relationship.

The Officer Down Memorial Page
The Officer Down Memorial Page provides updated information on peace officers killed in the line of duty across the United States.  Learn about fallen officers, their stories, and contact information for their respective agency.

Serve & Protect
Serve & Protect is a non-profit organization that works to facilitate, educate, advocate, and restore all public-safety professionals who suffer from the trauma and chronic stress from working in the field of public-safety. 

Simple Recovery
Simple Recovery is a Southern California chemical dependency treatment program for police, firemen, paramedics, and other first-responders. Their comprehensive curriculum combines substance abuse treatment with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment, depression treatment, and treatment for other mental disorders to reduce symptoms and increase these individual’s overall well-being to maintain sobriety and create emotional and physical healing.

Under the Shield
Under the Shield meets the unique needs of law enforcement personnel and their family members by providing support through confidential services, educationand public awareness.

Uniform Stories
Uniform Stories is an entertainment and information website that humanizes the people serving as first-responders by giving them a voice to communicate to the general public.

Up Talk Podcast
Regular podcast dedicated to talking about mental health and educating listeners about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how it affects first-responders.

Warriors Heart
Warriors Heart treatment center is located in San Antonio and provides private treatment to police, firefighters, EMTs, active military and veterans who are seeking inpatient treatment for chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring psychological disorders relating to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or the psychological effects of MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury).

Within the Trenches Podcast
A podcast that features interviews with 911 professionals (call-takers, radio dispatchers, supervisors, managers, and other industry leaders and stakeholders) to share personal stories of survival and humanize the people who work in emergency communications.

Your Oxygen Mask First Podcast
A podcast focused on improving the lives of those who live to help people and helping them live their own lives the best they can within the constraints of their work. 

Yucked Up Podcast
A podcast for first-responders, hosted by John Stone, AKA: Sarge, a former firefighter and U.S. Army Veteran. The show aims to reach first-responders who may not be reaching out for help in hopes they won’t suffer one more day thinking they are alone.