A Review of NBC’s Hit Drama “Shades of Blue”

A rhetoric of police brutality and corruption outweigh powerful performances by Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta in NBC’s Hit Drama “Shades of Blue”. […]

What I Loved Most About Being a 911 Dispatcher

I was often asked what I loved most about working as a 911 dispatcher.  Well, the answer may surprise you… […]

Law Enforcement Runs 2016 Baker to Vegas Relay

Law enforcement agencies from all around the world gathered in the California desert last weekend for the 2016 Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay. […]

Yoga 101 for 911 Dispatchers

Meditate on this: yoga can help emergency dispatchers deal with stress. […]

Stress in Public-Safety: Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

When you see the picture of the glass in its captured state, the age-old question first comes to mind: “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?” […]

Why it’s so Difficult Working the Holidays in Public-Safety

Public-safety is no easy job to begin with, but the holidays always seem to make it tougher. […]

Calls from 9-1-1: Snails!

Ever wonder what it’s like answering 9-1-1 Emergency calls?  These are real stories from actual 9-1-1 calls providing an inside-look at the world of emergency communications: the good, the bad, the funny, and the sad; and how it all affects the dispatchers who answer those calls 24/7/365. […]

For Those Who Work Corrections: The Thin Silver Line

To the unsung heroes who work corrections in our nation’s jails and prisons… we call you, “The Thin Silver Line”. […]

Virtual Research Conference Raises Wellness Awareness for 911 Dispatchers

Behavioral science researchers, and mental health professionals came together for a virtual conference on stress, resiliency, health, and wellness for emergency dispatchers. […]

For Those Who Work Graveyard Shift: Guardians of the Night

To the unsung heroes who work the graveyard shift in public-safety… we call you, “Guardians of the Night”. […]